Maker Directory


mmb by hand

Melissa Beauchamp

tate ellington illustrations

Tate Ellington

Blue Poppy Designs

Amy Shippy

mud happy river jewels

Margaret Iocovozzi

colas modern

David and Lara Colas

Love Your Kaos

Amanda Groves

Winslette Designs

Ashley Kornegay

Savannah Picnic Company

Chelsea Rowe

Suzanna Toole Art

Suzanna Toole

Smoke and Spirits

Chrissy Rippetowe

Sprig and Lark

Ellie Pavlichek

AwShucks Oyster ShelL Jewelry & Designs

Letha Eller

Not bad

Tracy Rabuse

Salacia salts

Cari Phelps

hipster hound

Tonya and Nick Rintye

Moss & Marsh

Candace Brodmann

yippee cone cake co.

Leilani Lowry

savannah bee company

Ted Dennard

Joseph Kate Designs

Melissa Groover

Design by Vu Studio

Trang Vu

Erica Catherine Illustrations

Erica Pierce

Daughter Handwovens

Alexandra Forby

savannah sideways

Jessica Lebos

barefoot basics

Justin Wren

Alice and Pearl

Becky Prescott


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