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Jennifer Huskey is a self-taught ceramic artist and designer living and creating in Savannah, GA. The lush beauty of coastal Georgia with its unspoiled barrier islands, dense maritime forests and winding tidal marshlands is a constant inspiration. She refers to the landscape in tone and texture, using a variety of white and dark stoneware clays, as well as porcelain, to create natural, organic-inspired functional pottery and jewelry.

Jennifer uses a variety of ceramic arts techniques to create her wares, frequently altering the wheel-thrown form with a conspicuous touch of the hand. The tenets of the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi – imperfection, impermanent and incomplete – are a touchstone for each piece she creates. Jennifer hopes her work brings a spark of joy to the owner in their everyday activities and helps to remind and reconnect them to their natural environment.Her work is available locally in Savannah, GA retailers Terra Cotta and Urban Poppy, in various retailers across the US and online.


three things i can't live without

Boat days, meditation, my Frye boots that I wear in the studio every day.

you'd never guess that

My grandmother’s family – the Ogilvies – still own and live in a castle in Scotland and I was able to see it on a recent trip!

i'm thankful for

My husband, Brian, my son, Connor and our collie mix, Chloe.

my next venture is

To redesign my studio to make it more efficient so I can produce more work.

i started my business...

In 2017, 25 years after I took my first ceramics class at a community studio in my hometown in Arkansas. I have a studio in midtown Savannah and spend nearly every day there if I’m in town.

my personal motto is

Amor fati - Love of one’s fate

What makes savannah for you?

The creative energy and unbelievably beautiful landscape. I love being able to see the movement of the tides every day, to see the birds, deer and assortment of island animals going about their day while we go about ours.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

My background is in writing – I was an English major who worked as a writer/editor for HGTV.com for 10 years. I’m also a co-owner of a local restaurant group, Gaslight Group, but I mostly spend my days with my hands in clay.

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Jennifer Kelly Huskey

4 E Liberty
Savannah, GA 31401