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Leilani grew up in Upstate New York, baking cone cakes with her mom for many holidays and birthdays.  Once she became a mom, she began baking cone cakes again only to discover a huge frustration: the cones topple over easily!  She set out to find a solution and ultimately created Yippee Cone Cake Holders.  Now her passion is teaching others about the fun and ease of baking cone cakes. She and her husband live on Skidaway Island with their two teenage daughters, their golden retriever and three cats.

Cone cakes are cupcakes baked inside ice cream cones!  Yum!  To keep the cones from falling over while baking, Leilani created cute and colorful holders which are made from bake safe paper. The holders are great for baking with kids, for displaying at parties and for transporting, too! 

New to 2019: Leilani now offers Cone Cake Kits, which include holders, sprinkles and toppers or huggers (which wrap around the holders). Making cone cakes is even more fun and easy than ever before!


three things i can't live without

Hot tea.  I drink decaf, and it’s the first thing I do when I wake up.  I just love it!

Warm clothes.  I’m always cold!  You’ll never see me without a sweater, even in summer (air conditioning is cold!) 

Daily walks. Well not daily, but that’s what I strive for.  If it’s too cold or hot outside, I’m on a treadmill.  Walking clears my mind and keeps me healthy. I listen to podcasts or chat with friends. 

you'd never guess that

I’m hearing impaired and wear hearing aids.  I can read lips which is super fun and helpful in crowds. I’m not ashamed to admit I sometimes eavesdrop on conversations from across the room!

i'm thankful for

My family. I love being a mom and wife more than anything. What’s funny is for the longest time I swore I’d never have kids!

my next venture is

A trip is to Italy.  As a very nervous flyer, it’s hard for me to commit to traveling, but my family loves it and I do it for them.  We’ve bought our tickets and I’m going, like it or not!!

i started my business because

The idea wouldn’t go away.  I sat on it for a couple of years and actually tried other businesses I thought would be more likely to succeed.  But they didn’t, so I jumped into Yippee and I'm so glad I did!

my personal motto is

When you know better you do better.  Maya Angelou spoke these words and I repeat them to my kids all the time. I love to learn and continually strive for personal growth.

What makes savannah for you?

The people.  When we moved here 20 years ago as young 20-somethings, we didn’t know a soul.  The people of Savannah opened their arms to us and gave us a home we can’t imagine having anywhere else.  We have many long-time friends here, have raised children alongside them, and grown as individuals because of them.  We feel grateful every day to be a part of this amazing community.  


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Leilani Lowry