The Bottle Wrench

Like most entrepreneurs, Jacob Crawley identified a problem and then figured out how to fix it: the manliest way to crack a beer.

Jake was tired of using his wife's wine bottle opener to open his beer bottles.  He needed something tougher, stronger, and...more manly. He congratulates new users, telling them, "Your testosterone levels just increased."

Every Bottle Wrench started out as a working man’s wrench and then was hand formed to become the manliest bottle opener you’ll ever own.
— Jake Crawley // Founder

three things WE can't live without

My  “dangerously  supportive” wife Kristen, my dog Walter, a good pair of headphones, and coffee (lots of coffee). Okay, that’s four but coffee really should be a freebie. 

you'd never guess that

I competitively race remote controlled cars that weigh up to 8 pounds and go more than 45 miles an hour.

WE'RE thankful for

My ability to tinker, fix, and create that was instilled in me by my father as a kid. He taught us that you can always fix something if you try hard enough.

Our next venture is

finding an old English roadster to fully restore, but I’ve just got to find a place to put it!

I started MY business...

due to friends asking for Bottle Wrenches to give as gifts and it snowballed from there. I’ll never forget the first time we sold one online to a stranger. It was like we really made it, people wanted a Bottle Wrench so we haven’t slowed down since.

Our personal motto is

“See a need, fill a need” which come from the little known Disney film "Robots" from 2005. It can be applied to all aspects of life from chores around the house to bottle openers!

What makes savannah for you?

It’s the wonderful mix of people. It’s when you see a college kid with purple hair sitting next to an elderly lady dressed for church as they both chat with a tourist from Ohio. That mix of people and understanding is what makes Savannah to me.  

The Bottle Wrench
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Jake Crawley