Savannah Sideways

Jessica Leigh Lebos has been writing about interesting people, vexing issues and anything involving free food for more than 20 years. She was voted Best Newspaper Columnist by the readers of Connect Savannah and received a First Prize for Humor from the National Society of Newspapers Columnists in 2017. Swept off her feet by a Savannah son sometime in the last century, she introduces herself at cocktail parties as “Southern by marriage.”


three things i can't live without

Daily walks in Daffin Park, fresh fruit and Foxy Loxy’s green matcha lattes

you'd never guess that

I was the mascot for my high school football team. Well, maybe you would guess.

i'm thankful for

My wonderful, amazing children, reared and raised in Savannah with proper Southern manners. Mostly.

my next venture is

A rescue dog that will hopefully be lower maintenance than the first two

i started my business..

To bring a different perspective to how we think about “Savannah society.”

my personal motto is

Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

What makes savannah for you?

The way the camellias and azaleas and magnolias bloom year after year like clockwork, no matter what else changes.


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Jessica Leigh Lebos