Savannah Bee Company

Ted Dennard is the founder, president and head beekeeper of Savannah Bee Company. Growing up in Coastal Georgia, Ted’s journey into the magical world of bees and honey was sparked by an elderly beekeeper, Roy Hightower who believed in bee keeping as a way of life. 35 years later, Ted’s passion hasn’t waned. Ted backed into business in 1999 when his friend opened a store in Savannah and began selling his tupelo honey. Three years later, Savannah Bee Company was officially born. Today, Ted remains dedicated to sharing the world of bees with others and introducing new honeybee products to market. He loves his family and surfs when he can.


three things i can't live without

Ocean  water,  honeybees,  my wife

you'd never guess that

I  spent  my  first  two  college  summers  working  in  an  Alaskan  salmon  factory.  
I  was  on  the  chess  team  in  elementary  school.  
After  making  the  first  mountain  bike  ascent  of  7400ft  Blue  Mountain  Peak  in Jamaica,  I  ate  the  hottest  pepper  in  the  world  on  the  peak  just  to  make  it  two firsts.  It  was  a  bad  idea  with  little  water  and  nothing  but  grass  to  eat  in  an attempt  to  abate  the  heat.   

i'm thankful for

Such a magical life where I grew up on the beach of St. Simons Island,  the opportunity to have served in the Peace Corps in Jamaica, and my many backcountry adventures in  Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. Mostly, that when it was time to get a real job, that this honey company came into being.  

my next venture is

I am about to revamp all of our packaging...
I am about to unveil the first ever western hemisphere bee therapy hut!

i started my business because

Before I realized it, it had already started itself. Twenty-five different stores scattered across the nation had called me to carry my tupelo honey and honeycombs. My hobby  of perfecting the ultimate honey was growing to the next level, so I took the leap...and here we are.  

my personal motto is

“Will I wish I had done this (or not) when I am rocking in a chair at 90 years old?”

What makes savannah for you?

Our quirky culture with a variety of all kinds of people, “to go” cups, and the incredible live oaks. 

Anything else you’d like us to know?

I have the greatest luck with family. From my parents and siblings, to my beautiful wife and four unique kids. My life couldn’t have turned out any better.  


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Ted Dennard
Founder, President, Head Bee Keeper