Salacia Salts

It all started with a dream.

Cari Phelps, an award-winning designer and branding expert based in Savannah, dreamed that she designed a package of bath salts for a client with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. When she woke up the next morning, she started doing research and decided to make her dream a reality. Cari founded Salacia Salts in 2012, armed with a commitment to environmental conservation, natural beauty and holistic health. Under her leadership, Salacia Salts creates top-quality bath and beauty products using environmentally responsible ingredients and packaging. All items are made in Savannah, Ga. and inspired by native Southern botanicals, the spirit of the ocean and chic coastal style.

Launching a brand from a concept is truly the best part of my job. Making Salacia Salts a reality has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life.
— Cari Clark Phelps // Owner

three things i can't live without

Warm weather, Asian food, flip flops

you'd never guess that

I paddled a kayak over 100 miles in a week in the middle of July in Georgia - and camped every night in a tent!

i'm thankful for

I’m thankful I was born into a family of entrepreneurs. My great great (maybe even greater than that!) grandfather invented the pot belly stove, my grandfather was the head of the department that created the delayed windshield wiper, and nearly every one of my family members has been in business from themselves since.

my next venture is

My next big step in my business is to start offering classes at our new gift shop and maker space. I have a body scrub, bath bomb, and soap making class planned.

i started my business because

I started my business after having a dream that I was helping a customer package bath salts and she needed a unique selling point and vessel. I recommended old medicinal bottles found in Savannah. When I awoke, my husband and I came up with the idea to package Atlantic Sea salts in upcycled, reclaimed wine bottles from a restaurant down the street from our home.

my personal motto is

My personal motto is to always seek the silver lining.

What makes savannah for you?

Downtown Savannah! Being able to walk to work while being inspired by the beauty and people around me isn’t a luxury everyone has.

My background is in packaging and branding and I’m a proud graduate of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design).

Anything else you’d like us to know?

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Cari Clark Phelps
Co-Founder / Creative Director

208 W Hall St
Savannah, GA 31401