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Margaret Iocovozzi was born and raised in Savannah, and considers herself lucky to have grown up on the coast of Georgia. After living in Colorado for two years and doing a good bit of traveling in between, she moved back to her hometown in 2015 and has rekindled her appreciation for marsh grass and beach days. Mud Happy was inspired by her love of the river. When you wear her jewelry, she hopes you are reminded of salt water, sun kissed skin, playing in the pluff mud, and giggling with gratitude for this place called Savannah. 

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three things i can't live without

I could not live without Larabars, beach days, or “I Love Lucy” marathons.

you'd never guess that

I (a Savannah native) lived in the mountains of Colorado for a while, and eventually realized that I’m more of a beach girl. The ocean pulled me back home, and I am happy to live in such a beautiful city! 

i'm thankful for

I am thankful for all the support of my family and friends while creating my business! 

my next venture is

My next big idea is to start a little girls line of necklaces and call it “Little Mermaids” :)

i started my business because

My business came to fruition out of pure creativity. I knew I wanted to make jewelry with all the shells in my yard from the many oyster roasts we hosted over the winter. I had no idea that people would actually love my designs and a business would come from it! Always give your creative mind the exercise it needs, you never know when something amazing could come from it.

my personal motto is

Try it all!  

What makes savannah for you?

The diversity of this city is so unique. You can be downtown walking through historic squares one minute, and walking on the beach or sitting by the river the next.  

Anything else you'd like us to know?

I  have  rooted  this  jewelry  business  in  giving  back  to  my community. I  plan  to  pick  a  different  local  charity  or  non-profit  each  month,  and  donate  a  percentage  of  sales  to  as  many  as  I  can.  Have  a  cause  that’s  close  to  your  heart?  Email  me,  and  let’s  talk!  


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Margaret Iocovozzi