Lane Huerta

Lane Huerta began dreaming and designing in rural North Carolina, where as an only child, entertaining herself was the only option. Imagining adventures in the woods behind her house, she counts Pippi Longstocking and Punky Brewster as her earliest inspirations.

In her teenage years, Lane launched from her Southern upbringing into the dynamic cloister of Boston’s Walnut Hill School for the Arts, studying foundations and meeting creative kids from all over the world. A self-taught seamstress, Lane added textiles to her toolbox while working for international purse designer Mary Frances, who served as a creative business mentor and friend.

A hankering for adventure led Lane to Savannah, Georgia in 2006, where she set up shop as Lovelane Designs in a sunny Victorian in the city’s Landmark Historic District.

In 2014, featured Lovelane’s Play Hard children’s wear on its homepage, and demand for its hand sewn, American-made capes and crowns have soared.

Lane continues to work, live and play in Savannah with her husband, Patrick, and her daughter, Clementine. Together they imagine the most amazing adventures!

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three things i can't live without

Coffee,  my  sewing  machine,  and  my  family.  Not  necessarily  in  that  order. 

you'd never guess that

I’ve  won  several  mechanical  bull  riding  contests. 

i'm thankful for

 My  family’s  continued  support  while  I  fulfill  my  dream  of  running  a  small,  creative  business.

my next venture is

My next secret is that Lovelane will begin a series of printing/surface design/sewing workshops in 2018 for Kiddos and Adults. 

i started my business because

I  started  my  business  because  I  felt  there  was  a  gap  in  the  market  for  well  made,  creative  imaginative  wear  for  children.   

my personal motto is

If you can dream it, you can doit!

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Lane Huerta