Hipster Hound

Original Hipster Hounds, Tonya and Nick Rintye and daughter Lucy dreamed of having their own dog related business, especially with a doggy daycare and boarding service.

They started small, creating and then selling treats and grooming products at festivals, farmer’s markets, and retail outlets in Savannah. After getting to know their customers, the next step was expanding into pet care with doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming services. 

Today Savannah’s hipster hounds can visit the boutique facility for boarding, daycare, grooming, and to shop for treats and shampoos that keep them healthy and happy inside and out!

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three things i can't live without

My two legged and four legged kids, chocolate, and friends, especially my husband who’s been my best friend for over 22+ years.

you'd never guess that

We have eight rescue dogs: Rex, our 100+ pound bloodhound/lab mix who is the face of Hipster Hound and likes to steal loaves of bread off the counter and Willow, a clumsy bloodhound. Roxie and Daisy aka "The wa-waas", our small chihuahuas but big trouble makers. Gypsy and Hannah aka "The we-wees", our miniature wiener dogs, - who boss Rex around. Bo, our Beagle, likes to jump in the shower with you when you aren’t looking. Maxi, a who knows what mix, is our old gal who rules overall the dogs around the house.

i'm thankful for

I’m thankful for the support our family and friends gave our family when we first decided to follow our dreams of opening a dog business We started selling treats and grooming products at our local farmer’s market then incorporated at-home pet sitting services which quickly rolled into a facility that offers daycare, boarding, grooming and a boutique. We did this in just three years and I’m proud to say were voted the best daycare in Savannah after just our first year from Connect Savannah.

my next venture is

We are working on a 2nd location that will offer daycare, grooming, a store front and bakery and veterinarian services. I can’t tell you where yet... that’s still a secret so Shhhhh....

i started my business because

We started in January 2015 at the Wilmington Island Farmer’s Market.

my personal motto is

Think Big, Start Small, Learn Quickly, Grow Fast OR Don’t half ass it or your will find your whole ass without a job

What makes savannah for you?

Savannah has so many amazing artisans and I love how supportive they are to each other, but what I am so encouraged by is how the Savannah community as a whole embraces locally made products and businesses. 

The Hipster Hound Bites
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Tonya and Nick Rintye

115 Echols Ave,
Savannah, GA 31406

2nd Location
1 Diamond Causeway, Unit 13
Savannah, GA 31406