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I am an adventurer for life. I use learning and creating to stay young and active. As a mom of three teenage boys, life is constantly on the move--never a dull moment to be had. I have a passion for business; I love the numbers, but to stay balanced I always have something creative going on. I love to cook, read, and travel and I needed to create a business that allows all three of those things. Blue Poppy Designs came about as a way to funnel my creative side into something productive. With three boys heading off to college soon (my oldest is a Senior), I wanted a way to pay for their education without them incurring debt. I made a few products that completely took off, so I decided I would spend my free time expanding on my ideas and creating fun Lowcountry-inspired accessories and gifts.



three things i can't live without

Coffee, Mexican food, and my family.

you'd never guess that

I have strange memory from 40 years ago that I can recall details and facts.

i'm thankful for

My three sons.

my next venture is

To create a line of products that I can take to trade and sell wholesale.

i started my business because

I wanted to fund my three sons’ college education.

my personal motto is

Go BIG or Go HOME.

What makes savannah for you?

Being a part of a group of creative business people allows me to be a better creator and business woman.


Blue Crab Kitchen Towel
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